Lettuce, salad - Frillice lettuce
Lettuce, salad


If you think of it as “frilly” lettuce, its name does it justice. Should be eaten as it is. Frillice is a cross between iceberg lettuce and curly endive; the leaves are green, thick and crisp like iceberg but the tops are crinkled like curly endive.

The flavor is quite neutral, mild and slightly bitter, so it’s best to mix it with other types of lettuce or vegetables that are higher in flavor.

Keep in mind

Keep the lettuce moist with a damp cloth, for example. If it starts to wilt, put it in ice cold water for an hour or two.

Store frillice in a plastic bag or in its pot in the fridge and it will keep for up to a week.

Frillice can often be replaced with iceberg lettuce.

How to use frillice lettuce

This lettuce is at its best raw, as a green salad and as decoration. In salads it adds a nice bit of bite and is a fresh element.

Make a wrap or a classic BLT sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomato (avocado and chicken can be included too). This is where frillice comes into its own.

The classic

BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) sandwich.

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