Root vegetables - Parsley root
Root vegetables


Parsley root is similar to celeriac in flavor and takes its name from its relative, parsley. In appearance it looks like parsley, just a bit whiter.

Keep in mind

Grated, fresh parsley root helps the flavor and juiciness in hamburger and meatballs.

How to cook parsley root

Most of the things you can do with parsnips you can do with parsley root too. Boil it for a long time in a root vegetable soup, mash or top with cheese, so the flavor is concentrated.

Baked parsley root goes a beautiful golden color, just make sure it’s cooked all the way through. Parsley root al dente will be boringly chewy and doesn’t taste good at all.

Make a root vegetable soup: Mix diced parsley root into lentil soup, peasant vegetable soup, smooth root vegetable soup and casseroles. Or boil parsley root on its own with onion and a good stock until it’s completely soft and can be processed into a smooth parsnip soup.

The classic

Vegetable soup.

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