Root vegetables - Radishes
Root vegetables


These little round or oblong vegetables can be used for so much more than just decorating a salad or a cheese board. Daikon is a longer relative sometimes known as white radish in English (the whole group of these root vegetables are simply known as radishes).

Red radishes are the most common these days but they also come in yellow, pink, purple, and white.

Keep in mind

Daikon and radishes contain mustard oils which means they can have a “hot” or piquant flavor. How strong the flavor is depends on the variety, size and freshness.

The piquant flavor is familiar from mustard and horseradish and balances well with fat salt umami – this is where the cheese board comes in.

How to cook radishes

The easiest way to enjoy radishes is simply to dip them in butter and sea salt. Good with cocktails.

Tip: Quickly boil and coat in butter, topped with some flakes of sea salt.

Everything that works with daikon also works with radishes: Make kimchi or marinate in Asian spices such as soya, sesame oil, garlic, chili, ginger, rice wine vinegar and mirin.

Cut radishes into chunks and mix into potato salad for extra tang and crunch.

Replace the cabbage in coleslaw for a peppery, fresher version.

Radishes do a good job as a juicy, crispy ingredient with a bit of bite in everything from salads and wraps to sandwiches and hamburgers.

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