Tomatoes - Cherry tomatoes


A small-sized tomato that weighs about 10 grams, in contrast to a common tomato that weighs about 100 grams. Also known as grape tomatoes.

Keep in mind

Cherry tomatoes – if ripe and of high quality – will be sweeter than common, larger tomatoes.

The skin is thin and eating the tomato whole should be an elastic – followed by juicy and tasty – experience.

There are many varieties and they can also be yellow or orange. And rounded, pointed, elongated, bulbous, etc…

How to cook cherry tomatoes

Use them whole or halved in a salad or pasta. They are decorative and appetizing just the way they are.

Bake them whole in the oven and serve with meat, fish, and other oven-baked greens.

Add a fistful of cherry tomatoes at the end when concocting a rustic pasta consisting of penne boiled al dente, Italian sausages and/or mushrooms fried in olive oil and garlic.

Grilled meat + grilled tomatoes = true.

You can cook a fine and flavorful tomato sauce using sweet cherry tomatoes. A problem is that it can contain large amounts of small fragments of peel.

The classic

In a bowl on the table, just as they are, for those who don’t want salad.


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