Tomatoes - Green tomatoes


Green tomatoes used in cooking are simply (red) tomatoes that have not had time to ripen. At this early stage in the process they are suitable for marmalade, pickling and for frying.

Keep in mind

Green tomatoes are hard in texture and carry a lot of acidity and do not taste good raw.

The easiest time to find them is during the summer season.

How to cook green tomatoes

Do cook them, they are no good in their raw state.

Fried green tomatoes: Cut them in slices about 1 cm thick, add generous amounts of pepper and salt, coat in bread and fry on medium heat until golden brown.

Green tomato marmalade: Cut the tomatoes in suitable pieces. Simmer them – using a lid – with lemon and sugar and put the viscous result in sealed jars. The umami in green tomato marmalade goes well on the cheeseboard.

Pickled green tomatoes can develop a great, firm texture and go well with grilled meat. The tastiest – and the prettiest on a plate – are small, whole green tomatoes.

The classic

Fried Green Tomatoes from 1991.

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