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Grill mitten, LEEDS

LEEDS grill mitten, "Stone" Heavy, heat resistant suede Cotton lining... Read more

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Grilling entrecote like a pro

Snobs will tell you that they like their beef rare or even "bleu", but th... Read more

Keep on grilling!

Crash course in grilling Grill meat like a pro Grill fish like a pro F... Read more

The art of grilling fish

First of all, choose your type of fish for grilling with care. It should ... Read more

The art of grilling greens

Putting vegetables on the grill results in at least two things that are t... Read more

Find the right cut for the grill

In our Meat Guide you will find everything you need to know about common ... Read more

Grill time

A few words of wisdom from professional chefs when considering what kind ... Read more
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Crash course in grilling

Give the live coal some time to mature Use a thermometer on both me... Read more

How to grill meat

Don't be afraid of intense heat. But let the meat rest after. Turn ... Read more

The art of grilling ribs

It has escaped no barbeque buff that ribs go well with live coals. How... Read more

Grill fish

Grill firm fish and shellfish Keep the skin on when you’re grilling... Read more

On grills, grates and grids

A grill can be constructed in all sorts of ways and the price can vary... Read more

Difference between bbq and grill

Grill and barbeque are not the same thing. The former is something hol... Read more

Grilling vegetables

Expect them to take longer than meat and fish. Choose greens with t... Read more

Basic kitchen techniques

All cooking is basically about changing the molecules in a ... Read more

Preparing meat

Do what professionals do, prepare and plan.“Start from the end”.... Read more

Cooking meat

Do the right thing with theright cut More fat equals more taste Us... Read more

Serving meat

Let the meat rest beforeserving. Use warm plates.Compose a beautiful,... Read more


A Brazilian cut that is increasingly popular in western restaurants and ... Read more

Butcher's steak

This V-shaped detail is located deep in the midriff and holds the lungs ... Read more

Rib-eye, entrecote

Although entrecote counts as the front part of the animal it is tender... Read more


A piece of the stomach muscle of the animal. It’s a lean and tasty muscl... Read more


A tender steak with rich flavours. It can be cut into smaller, equally t... Read more


Marrow contains 85 per cent fat and has been given cult status in some r... Read more


Heart has tasty, fibrous meat with a light taste of iron. Trim and wash ... Read more


The front of the lamb contains strong meat with a high level of fat that... Read more

Lamb entrecote

The neck fillet on a lamb is a tasty and tender cut. Preferably cooked w... Read more

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