The art of grilling greens

Category: Inspiring | Skrivet: Jul 23, 2020

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It's trendy (environmentally friendly and healthy and easy and tasty) to put vegetables on the grill. But how do you get it right?

Putting vegetables on the grill results in at least two things that are the right way to go with these fresh ingredients:

  1. The Maillard effekt, those roasted flavors that make almost everything even tastier.
  2. The intensified flavor exeperience when the intense, dry heat from the grill drives out water, concentrating flavors.

A few tips from the pros when grilling greens:

  • Be smart, choose greens with the right size and shape for the grate.
  • Most root vegetables need to be pre-cooked.
  • A good idea is to serve with a (salad) dressing – applied after grilling.
  • Practice and get to know the difference between different greens just the way you know the difference between a chicken drumstick and an entrecote. Paprika takes little time, aubergine requires more...
  • Wrapping in aluminium foil, using a wok, and skewers also work.

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