Rethink how you cook your vegetables

Category: Trends, insights, Inspiring | Skrivet: Jun 07, 2019

vegetable kebabs

Joel Aronsson has worked in Fäviken Magasinet, considered one of the world's most innovative restaurants. His advice when cooking vegetables: "Think meat."

“Think meat”

Chef Joel Aronsson thinks that many people make the mistake of treating vegetables differently, like something delicate and rare that needs to be sweated and stuffed and that demands painstaking preparation.

But this is not necessarily the right way to go. Joel thinks that you can treat plenty of vegetables the same way you do meat: Cut into reasonably sized slices and fry quickly on both sides for flavor and texture. Or do it the other way round: Bake whole root vegetables slowly in the oven as if they were a roast.

Try out different things, he says. Vegetables don’t bite...

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Think texture, think garnish, think flavor enhancers, think either/or, think different...

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