8 tips for epic cinnamon rolls

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On October 4th Swedes celebrate Cinnamon Roll Day. Why? Because in our home country Sweden we have realised that these spicy buns deserve respect. So enjoy: 8 tips for better cinnamon rolls:

8 tips for epic cinnamon rolls

Why a  a day to celebrate the cinnamon roll (a k a bun, danish, snail and swirl)? Because in our home country of Sweden we respect and appreciate this humble pastry, not least with our fika.

Just google "Swedish cinnamon buns/rolls" for a good choice of recipes. And then take it to the next level like this:

1. Use less flour than it says in the recipe

It was probably written to make things easier for you when baking, not to optimize the final result. (Using butter at room temperature instead of melted butter is a simple trick for decreasing the amount of flour without  the dough turning sticky. Try it.)

2. Use more butter than it says in the recipe

The case with butter in this kind of baking is a bit like the case with salt in the savoury kitchen: The pros use lots of it.

3. Upgrade the spices

Dry spices like cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, and more, are perishables – a lot like coffee, which tastes better and tastes more when it is new ground. Grind whole cardamom seeds in a mortar for the dough – you will never be able to go back to the dry, dusty powdered kind...

4. Let the dough rise for longer than it says in the recipe

Room temperature will do, but the dough must be protected from air drafts.

5. Knead the dough for longer than it says in the recipe

In a mixer if possible. It takes time for the glutinous threads to develop and form a wonderful, smooth, elastic, and succulent dough that comes loose from the bowl. (Don't think "I can do this faster with a mixer", think "a mixer makes it possible for me to knead for even longer".)

6. Use lower heat than it says in the recipe

The baking result is more even, you will also have more control over the final result if things don't go too fast.

7. Lower the oven rack

It says "in the middle of the oven" in many (Swedish) recipes. Lowering the rack gives the core of the buns more time to cook before the surface is burnt.

8. Use a thermometer

The rolls/buns/danish/snails/swirls are ready (but with generous amounts of juicy filling the core might still appear "wet") at 95 to 98°C. (203 to 209°F). Over 100°C (212°F) and your rolls will be dry and disappointing.

Happy fika!

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