What to do with xmas leftovers

Category: Inspiring | Skrivet: Dec 26, 2018

Lots of traditional leftovers after a traditional christmas dinner? Here is how to do the planet a favor by turning them into more great food:


  • Make a Cobb salad: With shredded turkey, blue cheese, avocado, bacon, romaine lettuce, and tomatoes. Serve with a sweet mustard vinaigrette.
  • The shredded meat goes beautifully in a wok, in a pasta sauce, in an omeltte, and more.
  • Make sure to cook (simmer...) an excellent broth from the bones and hull.
  • The gravy – if there is ever any left – is great for boosting the flavors in a soup or in a stew. Not least a vegetarian one...

Mashed potatoes

  • Add some egg yolk (or the entire egg, if you're in that mood) and a little double cream. Use a piping bag to make pretty, golden brown "pommes duchesse" in the oven.
  • Add masked potatoes to the dough to make bread that stays juicy forever.

Roast beef

  • Add to a tomato sauce for pasta and simmer until it falls apart.
  • Cut into small pieces and sauté rapidly over (very) high heat with leftover vegetables also cut into smaller pieces. Don't hold back on the spices.
  • (Re)marinate and use in a wok.


  • Yesterdays ham goes well in pies, omeletts and pasta dishes.
  • Slices of ham are perfect for the wok. Marinate (use cranberry sauce as sweetener...) and sear hard and fast.
  • For a bacon-like experience, fry up the ham with added salt and smoky flavors.


  • Cooked vegetables are not the sexiest of leftovers, but you can bring about wonderful flavors and great texture in a spaghetti bolognese by adding leftover root vegetables. Let simmer until they "disintegrate".

The cheese platter

  • Cover a pizza base with tomato sauce, olive oil, leftover cheeses and send it into the oven. Top up with ruccola.
  • Shred the cheese and freeze. It will keep for at least 3 months frozen.
  • Blue cheese makes a great pasta sauce with, for example, gnocchi. Melt in a pot with double cream, kitchen broth and lots of ruccola.


  • Rökt lax blir en fin pastasås. Smält crème fraiche, tillsätt strimlad lax, citronsaft, salt, svartpeppar och massor av dill.
  • Lax är gott med dillstuvad potatis (också från julbordet).
  • Gravlax är god att steka. Sockerhalten är hög, använd teflonpanna.
  • Rökt eller gravad lax kan få ett nytt liv med en asiatisk touch. Fritera rispapper, några sekunder (de blir som fina blommor) och salta. Bryt dem i större bitar. Toppa med laxrosor, picklad morot och gurka. Servera med misomajonnäs och lite lime. Toppa allt med rostade sesamfrön.
  • Gravlaxsåsen fungerar lika bra till t ex krabba – som i sin tur är billigare än hummer på nyårsafton.
  • Tunt skivad lax – med lite citron och svartpeppar – är världens bästa pålägg.




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