Sauté like a pro

Category: Tools, Inspiring | Skrivet: Feb 21, 2019

Sauteuse PS

The name of the technique and the pan comes from the French word for to jump, "sautér". Too many home cooks lack a sauteuse and the skills to use it...

The idea is the same as whn using a wok: It should be very hot and the morsels of food are made to "jump" around in the pan so that everything is seared and cooked fast, without losing its freshness and crispiness. The technique is perfect for entrées, side dishes, and garnish.

The technique requires high heat, so only stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, or ceramics will do.

Most oils can take higher temperaures than butter and are therefore more suitable in the sauteuse. The fat goes in first and shoukld be hot before anything else is added.

All morsels of food need to be roughly the same size to cook evenly.

Find everything about the art of sautéing here:

Sauté like a pro

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