To cook or not to cook!

Category: Trends, insights | Skrivet: Apr 11, 2014

Walk into any small supermarket nowadays and the emphasis is clearly on ready-made, save-time, on-the-go meals. It’s a reflection of how we all live our lives in modern life, of course, but does it spell the end of real food?

An article by American author Michael Pollan (author of ‘Cooked’ And ‘Food Rules’, for example) in the New York Times Magazine once predicted the end of home cooking, a trend another American author, home cook and entrepreur Michael Ruhlman said could lead to people ‘losing something essential to our humanity’. However, Ruhlman added in a blog that we are not going to wave goodbye to home cooking partly because of the growing emergence of ‘foodies’ who care about food and the way it is created, prepared and served up.

You can read the magazine article (from 2009) at "Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch" and discover Ruhlman’s response at "Julie & Julia, Foodie & Cook". And stay tuned to Professional Secrets, where we foodies lobby for where nature and culture meet on our plates, farms and gardens and in our living environments.

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