Weird kitchen utensils

Category: Tools | Skrivet: Sep 26, 2014

Weird kitchen utensils

What’s the weirdest kitchen utensil you’ve ever come across?

How about a banana slicer? There’s one on the market that cuts five slices per squeeze of a handle. Cool or plain daft? Well, if you have small kids, it kind of makes sense as it allows them to make their own breakfasts and snacks since the dull blade makes it pretty safe to use. Then there are the asparagus peelers we’ve spotted. These utensils not only peel the asparagus, but also snip the tough ends. And, wait, some can even be used for green beans and sugar snap peas.

Both items are available for sale today, but what about some of yesteryear’s nifty inventions? Like the leak-proof hot-dog roll invented in the 1920s (never seen it, to be honest) or the car food tray from the 1940s (not seen that either). Our favourite, though, is the combo music-box-drinking-straw invented in the 1960s by one Arthur Barr who said it would encourage picky kids to consume whatever beverages parents gave them. Biggest problem was someone had to turn the handle of the music-box-straw to play the tune that encouraged the kid to suck the straw…

Pro advice on kitchen utensils: 

• If it does what a knife does – you should probably use a knife

• Keep it simple – complicated utensils complicate the job at hand

• Buy quality – the right stuff lasts for generations

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