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Category: Trends, insights | Skrivet: Jan 21, 2021


All chefs will tell you the same thing: Make it a habit to chose your fresh produce according to season – they certainly do.

By following the seasons you you not only get to enjoy the best and the tastiest of what's offer, you will also be paying less, and you will be doing as little damage to the environment as possible. To achieve that win-win situation right now, go for:

Fish and cabbage

The coldest part of the year is a good season for local fresh water fish like perch, pike and pikeperch. And you can expect our cold northern seas to provide your fish monger with excellent haddock and other fish from the cod family. And herring. Mussels, scallops and seafood in general is also to be recommended.

Kale has been much talked about lately. Now is the time to eat it, in all shapes, colors and sizes. A tip from chefs we have consulted: Give the flavors in this wonderful, local raw material a helping hand. Use salt, sugar, acidity and/or fat to lift the culinary experience to a higher level. A mild ingredient like kale will develop amazing aromas and flavors if you give it a good sear in a pan or in the oven.

Always eggs and onions

Eggs are always in season. They are also a very suitable ingredient if you ate a more than you should have during the holidays and if you are starting off your new year by eating and training yourself into a slimmer form. If this is the case, you can consider eggs to be a diet food and protein supplement for foodies.

Your local supplier will also be able to supply you with very decent onions – of most kinds – and garlic.

Game and root veggies

The hunting season isn't over and what was harvested this autumn has to be eaten. What's more, these two categories of raw materials go strikingly well together. Make an effort to familiarise yourself with alternatives to potatoes such as swedes, kohlrabi, parsnips, turnips...

Pumpkins can also last for a while yet. A professional secret is to roast this handsome ingredient in the oven before, for example, turning it into a soup. 


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