How and what you will be eating in 2015

Category: Trends, insights | Skrivet: Jan 21, 2015

oysters on grill

To size it up, in year 2015, the food trends according to international food consultants Baum + Whiteman look as follows:

• A reliable megatrend – to be continued in 2016 and why not 2017 and 2018 as well – is that digitalization will be changing the way you decide on where to eat, how you look up a restaurant, book a table, choose from the menu, compose your meal, take pictures and share your experience on social networks, pay for your meal, and tip (if at all, with all this digitalization going on) your waiter.

• You will be eating oysters. In all shapes and sizes and manners of preparation, with everything from chorizo to vodka.

• The best chefs of the world will continue to experiment with and to combine new flavors. This may come as no surprise, but it means things must get even more extreme to make an impression on your restless palate. According to this attempt to gaze into the future of foods and flavors, the key word is "beyond".

• Say goodbye to multi-star fine dining and say hello to gastronomic experiences that involve all your senses. It has been discovered and proven that much more than just the flavor influences how you actually experience said flavor. The appearance, color and smell of the decor, the size and shape of plates and cutlery, and the sounds coming from the system all have proven effect...

• And – you've heard it before – it really is about time we started munching on insects. You don't have to serve them stir fried, adding them in powdered, protein rich form to make vegivore bread and cupcakes will do.

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