11 rules for an optimal chili

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dried mexican chili

We have published it before and it is so to the point that we have to publish it again: The 11 rules for an optimal chili...

The legendary, first annual New York Chili Festival at Chelsea Market in 2011 gathered an unprecedented knowledge of chili in one location. Men's Health were there and just had to ask participants for their ultimate chili rules. Their responses might still, today be the ultimate guide to making chili:

Ultimate Chili Rule # 1

It's gotta have chilies. Sometimes people forget that.

Ultimate Chili Rule # 2

Go to a Spanish-American grocery store and get some nice dried chilies. You can use the crappiest beef ever, but if you get good chilies from a Mexican bodega, you can turn that beef into some great flavors.

Ultimate Chili Rule # 3

When you think there's enough chili powder, it needs more.

Ultimate Chili Rule # 4

Don't be a CHUMP--eat some hot chili. Eating chili that's not hot is like going to a steakhouse and not getting meat.

Ultimate Chili Rule # 5

It has to be a little bit smokey. If it's not smokey, it's not really chili.

Ultimate Chili Rules #6

Find the right balance by choosing a range of spicy, smoky and sweet chilies; that's essential to layering flavor.

Ultimate Chili Rule # 7

Don't undercook your beans. You can't have good chili with raw beans.

Ultimate Chili Rule # 8

Dark Beer and Coca-Cola. They act as a sweetener and a thickener.

Ultimate Chili Rule # 9

It's gotta have tequila.

Ultimate Chili Rule # 10

Low and slow.

Ultimate Chili Rule # 11

Cook it 2 days ahead—maybe 3. But definitely let it sit. It gets better the longer it sits, for sure. 

For the full story (and a wonderful chili recipe) go to:


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