Go wild this christmas

Category: Trends, insights, Inspiring | Skrivet: Dec 11, 2019

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Game – the best meat in the world – is healthy, lean, and has little impact on the environment. Even the WWF recommends game before other meats. So how about taking a walk on the wild side this christmas?

Here are some simple tips on how to make your christmas dinner a little wilder and a bit more sustainable for the environment. Impress your palate, your guests and mother nature by serving:

  • An assortment of sausages made from, for example, wild boar and deer.
  • Meatballs, fricadelli, albondigas: Whatever you call them and however you cook them, the minced meat can easily be replaced by game (frozen is fine). Game is lean, mixing it with meat rich in fat is a good idea.
  • A classic steak. This is perfect christmas food, it practically cooks itself while you are busy doing something else. A wide variety of lean game makes great steaks – but don't forget to add fat in one form or another.
  • Something smoked. Go hunting in your local delicatessen or – even better – on the internet. Smoked meat from game will keep and can travel. Serve in elegant, wafer thin slices.
  • Boar ribs. Tricky to find if you don't have friends who hunt, but can be pre-boild and grilled just like ordinary ribs.

Learn to cook game like a pro.

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