Enjoy fresh sweetcorn

Category: Inspiring | Skrivet: Sep 12, 2018

sweetcorn PS

Sweetcorn (a k a "maize") is always a treat – but nothing beats fresh sweetcorn. Some tasty tips and tricks:

Deep frozen corn, vacuumed boiled corn and even canned corn have plenty of uses in cooking – but nothing beats fresh corn. It is more succulent, crispier when you take a bite, and delivers more and better taste.

Boiled/grilled corn on the cob requires nothing more than a little butter and some salt. But if you want to get more creative you should look to acidity and heat for boosting the flavor.

Corn in any form should preferably be eaten warm, and a seared surface from the grill will add even more intensity to the flavor. To save time, boil fresh corn on the cob before grilling. But you will get more flavor if you have the patience to let it "simmer" over indirect heat on the grill.

Some prefer to soak whole, unpeeled cobs and grilling them with the protective leaves on. This is also en excellent technique, but the effect and flavor is baked rather than seared.

Everything about sweetcorn.

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