Probably the best meat in the world

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Game meat selection PS

Actually, you can skip the word "probably". If you ask the WWF, game meat is your best choice in terms of ecological impact, animal rearing and more. So how do you cook it?

Game is much like any other meat, but it is lean, making it more demanding for you as a chef. A few things to keep in mind when cooking the best meat in the world:

Never ever overcook game

Overcooking fine cuts of game will produce a bitter, metallic taste similar to liver. Some people (too many!) misguidedly think this is what game tastes like.

Carve across fibers

Game meat is tough and consists of coarser fibers than meat from domesticated animals. Do your dinner guests a favor and slice across the fibers before serving.

Be generous with fat

Ideally use a mixture of oil that can withstand a higher temperature and butter for flavor. Heat the pan up first, then the oil, and finally add a good dollop of butter.

Brown surface before or after

Game is often cooked in large cuts to keep as much of the juiciness as possible. Fry all sides until it has an attractive surface with plenty of flavor – this can be done before or after cooking.

Treat fillets with care

Fillets of game have a tendency to get “doughy” in texture if cooked at too low a temperature. Cooking a small, delicate fillet completely in the frying pan – to a seared exterior and juicy red interior – is a good idea.

Spices or no spices?

On the one hand: Go easy on spices because the meat has a great flavor on its own. On the other hand: All types of flavors work well with game meat. Experiment is permitted!

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