The simplest of entrées: Oysters!

Category: Inspiring | Skrivet: Oct 08, 2020

Oysters PS

That is to say, if you know how to open them. Mastering the tetchnique takes some training, but when you've got a grip on it there is no simpler, fresher entrée than this delicacy from the sea.

There is something grand about serving oysters. But it is actually the perfect entrée – and conversation piece – that you buy ready and simply have to open and serve chilled on ice.

Some oyster tips:

  • Use a proper knife meant for opening oysters. Cheap or expensive doesn't matter, as long as it is short and powerful and was created for the job at hand.
  • Practice on some oysters for yourself before jumping off the deep end and serving oysters to your guests.
  • Use a clean side towel when gripping the oyster, to get a better grip, to protect your hand, and to tidy up the opened oyster.
  • Supplying your guests with a small fork for eating the oyster – rather than gobbling it out of the shell – reduces the risk of them getting irritating (but harmless) chips of oyster shell in their mouths.
  • It doesn't matter if you spill some of the juice in the oyster, a fresh oyster will produce more of it.
  • Buy some smaller, "easier" oysters if some of your guests are new to this delicacy.
  • Always serve on ice.

The art of opening oysters

Learn how to do it in theory here. Then all it takes is practice...

Everything about oysters.

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