What food is next?

Category: Trends, insights | Skrivet: Aug 26, 2014

kale cooking trends

What's cooking in the near future? According to forecasts made by The Culinary Institute of America and published in USA Today, all (!) of the following:

• Classy comfort food – upscale versions of down-home recipes.

• Turnips. Expect to see them in exclusive restaurants and on dessert menus.

• Peruvian cuisine, Filipino cuisine, the New Nordic Cuisine, Turkish cuisine and "Next-Mex" – modern ideas applied on classic Mexican ingredients.

• Fermentation. The process is both delicious and healthy.

• Root-to-leaf cooking. An ambition to consume every part of a plant.

• More quinoa. Expect to be introduced to different varieties (there are more than 120 species).

• Pressure cookers. Lack of time meets love of slow cooking?

• Vegetables for dessert. Hence the tunips, see above.

• Japan again. Or rather: Applying French techniques on Japanese ingredients.

Read the whole article here.

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