The kitchen towel – a true professional secret

Category: Tools | Skrivet: Apr 10, 2019

Kitchen towel side towel PS

In the hands of a professional chef a top quality side towel is one of the most versatile and important tools in the kitchen. it is used for...

... everything from drying hands and cleaning plates to grabbing hot pans and rescuing wilted greens. Every new session in the professional kitchen starts with a pile of clean towels. Chefs don’t want them patterned or colored: It should be easy to spot flecks and other stuff such as morcels of food, herbs, and dirt. The weave should make the towel easy to hold and safe to use and it shouldn’t become ‘knotty’ after numerous washes.

Some uses:

  • For drying hands 
  • For cleaning plates
  • To get a better grip
  • To isolate from heat
  • For an improvised apron
  • For protecting produce
  • For keeping produce fresh
  • After you've made a mess
  • For crushing ice...

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100% cotton side towel from Professional Secrets

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