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waffles 2015

They say the food business is even more obsessed with "the next thing” than the fashion business. According to the BBC, this is what to eat in 2015 if you want to be with the in-crowd:


This combination of chips, gravy and cheese curds is nothing new in Canada. But add a new ingredient or two and eat it on this side of the Atlantic and you’re doing things just right.

Takes on burgers

Hamburger mania isn't dead yet. You can’t go wrong if you do your own take and serve pork belly, duck or scallops in a bun with veggies and dressing.


The word is a combination of breakfast and dinner and refers to serving the former as the latter. Do you love hotel breakfasts? (Everyone does.) Now you can eat anything with bacon and scrambled or poached eggs for dinner!

From (1): Lithuania

This small Baltic country is going to adopt the Euro under the couse of this year. That’s why, according to the BBC, we can expect to see more of what they do with meat and potatoes.


Bring em on!


Pig fat is in for it’s first revival since the Second World War. Try it in your traditional cake, for added richness and flaky texture.


As in acidulated, flavorful syrups for cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. Drinking vinegars preserve fruits and will be adding sharpness to your drinks in 2015.

Pudding restaurants

Whole restaurants with nothing but desserts on the menu!

From (2): South Africa

Biltong, Bobotie and Bunny chow. These South African specilties are all on the rise, the BBC says.


Other trendspotters talk of oysters, but ambitious, twisted ways of serving up lobster (simply boiled is no sport) have also been reported.

Want to give these trends a go? The service-minded people at the BBC have provided recipe suggestions:


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