Opening oysters like a pro

Category: Tools, Inspiring, News, Pro's kitchen | Skrivet: Nov 28, 2019

Oysters with lemon

Mastering the art of opening oyster takes practice. Professional Secrets have put together a small guide on how to do it like a pro.

  • Get an oyster knife with a short, firm blade
  • Wash the oysters in cold water with a stiff brush
  • Place the oyster in a folded tea towel with the flatter half of the shell upwards
  • Grip the oyster hard with the help of the towel with your free hand
  • Find the crack, force in the knife and turn it so that the “thread” let’s go and the oyster opens
  • Run the knife along the flatter upper shell to cut off the oyster’s muscle
  • Then you run the knife deep down along the inside of the lower shell so the oyster loosens completely from the shell
  • Use the towel to remove any bits of shell on or in the oyster
  • Place the oyster on a bed of ice

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