After tricks & treats comes pumpkin soup

Category: Inspiring | Skrivet: Nov 01, 2019

Pumpkin soup

Right then. The children have had their fun with Halloween and it's time to do something proper with all those tasty pumpkins while the price is right. Pumpkin soup is a classic (and it doesn't have to be butternut):

Butternut is appular pumpkin in the kitchen and looks like a giant, orange-coloured pear. The pulp has a light color and a pleasant nutty taste. But the giant pumpkins you buy to make spooky lanterns also make tasty dinners. Save the pulp when you are carving away.

Intact pumpkins can be stored for a long time. Pulp that has been exposed after cutting also keeps for quite a while, especially if you cover it in plastic foil and store it in a cold place. So buying a load of post-halloween pumpkins is not a bad idea at all..

But what pumpkins to choose and how to prepare them. This is a good place to get you started:

Pumpkins and squash.

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