All about pumpkins

Category: Inspiring | Skrivet: Sep 27, 2017

all about pumkins

Call it autumn or fall, this is the time of year to be having a serious go at cooking pumpkin.

You will find pumpkin recipes – some very decent, some not so decent – all over the internet. When your dinner guests are enjoying your latest pumpkin creation you might also want to amaze them with some facts:

Pumpkins are close relatives to cucumbers and originate from America. A pumpkin usually has a rounded or elongated shape and an orange color. If it is green and elongated it goes by the name of squash or zucchini.

Pumpkins contain vitamin C. You can keep a pumpkin for months in a cool and preferably dark place.

The largest pumpkin goes by the name of Atlantic Giant. The biggest one ever weighed over 900 kilos!

At PS we are very fond of the tasty pumpkin known as "Butternut".

Everything about pumpkins and squash

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