Serve whole, grilled sea bass

Category: Inspiring | Skrivet: May 23, 2018

Sea bass PS

They (experienced chefs) say you should "keep it simple" with fish, and sometimes the most obvious way to go is really, really, really the best way to go. As is the case with whole sea bass on the grill.

Keeping the skin on makes most fish easier to grill. Today sea bass you find in the fish counter has often been farmed and plucked out of the sea when it is suitable for one serving. All you have to do is (1) count and then (2) place one per guset on the grill.

Serve with a generous chunk of lemon and mixed, grilled vegetables with or without dressing.

Read more about sea bass here.




If there is no sea bass available, sea bream will do just as well. Or any other whole fish suitable for one person and recommended by your fishmonger...


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